A full solution – 150mm bush hammer plates for angle grinders

Sometimes, we want to create bush-hammered profiles on the surface of stones, concrete, or other materials. Maybe you just like the finish, maybe you need a non-slip surface. In these situations, our 150mm bush hammer plate can help you a lot, if you have an angle grinder.

150mm bush hammer plate for angle grinders

This 150mm bush hammer plate is specially designed to be used on Angle grinders. It has 4 bush hammer heads and each head has 30 pieces of high-quality carbide teeth. With a connection of M14, it can be used on most angle grinders. We can customize the connection for different angle grinders, such as Bosch, Hilti, Makita, etc.

Bush hammering can be such an easy thing with angle grinders. It’s ideal for small projects. Easy to carry, easy to operate and can be used in narrow places.

bush hammer plates for angle grinders

As the function part of the bush hammer tools, the carbide teeth are used to create bush-hammered profiles on the surface of different materials, like granite, marble, concrete, etc. Different types of carbide teeth create different bush-hammered profile. Sunny has developed 3 different types of 150mm bush hammer plates, to get different bush-hammered finishes.

different types of 150mm angle grinder bush hammer plate

What’s more, some useful accessories are developed to make it has different functions and easier to use, including the steel cover(can be connected with a vacuum cleaner), the locator, etc.

accessories of angle grinder bush hammers

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