Diamond Grinding Shoes

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Product Name: Super soft Husqvarna redilock diamond grinding plate
Product Name: Super soft Husqvarna redilock diamond grinding plate
From Country: United States
From Country: United States
Hi Miley - yes we didi test them this weekend. The concrete we were grinding this weekend was super hard and the diamond segments held up pretty good. We had to add more weights to our machine mostly do to the large surface on the segments that's why we went to the new ones you guys just shipped out.I will leave a good review on your website.Thank you. great products, just as expected!
Product Name: Husqvarna 3 inch diamond grinding disc Product Name: Dry diamond polishing pads for concrete
From Country: Australia From Country: Israel
Hi Fifi
The pcds and red medium bond 3inch pucks work well thanks
Have not tried button zigzag yet
Fiona: this pad is work well? or need change formula?
Customer from Israel: That one worked great
Lavina PCD Segment Grinding Shoes for Concrete - United States
Product Name: Lavina PCD Segment Grinding Shoes for Concrete
Product Name: Klindex grinding plate and resin polishing pads
From Country: United States From Country: Russia
Lavina PCD Segment Grinding Shoes for ConcreteVery happy with diamonds work greate they worked as I hoped they would at a good price. Привет мой друг
Вот такая красота получилась,
при работе вашим расходникомметалл/резинки!
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Feedback of Newgrind diamond grinding shoes - Canada_2
Product Name: Diamond grinding shoes for Newgrind grinder
Product Name: Diamond grinding shoes for Newgrind grinder
From Country: Canada
From Country: Canada
Bonjour Alvin
J' ai essayé mes segments et je suis satisfait
Je vous ai envoyé un segment de ma meuleuse Newgrind
Revenez moi lorsque vous aurez reçu
Envoyé de mon iPhone
Bonjour Alvin,
Nous avons essayé les segments, nous sommes très satisfaits Merci et à bientôt
Envoyé de mon iPhone
Product Name: Diamond grinding shoes for concrete floor
Product Name: 10 inch diamond grinding plate for concrete
From Country: Turkey
From Country: United States
We made 400m2 today 16 grit and after 30 grit. Grinding could be better but enough for us. We want to make order
1/3 of the diamonds were used. We can use about 1200m2.
Could you give me discount and fast shipping price?
270 pieces 16 grit soft
180 pieces 30 grit medium
180 pieces 70 grit medium
90 pieces 50 grit 3" hibrid ceramic polishing pad
Customer: Thank you for all the explannations, it really helps me a lot to decide. I appreciate that. Also I am happy with the service that you offer
Alvin: It's my pleasure, let's make it a long term cooperation.
Customer: O yeah. For sure.
Customer: Hello
Customer: I tried the wheel yesterday and today and I like it
Feedback of diamond grinding shoes used on ESD floor grinding machine-Romania
Product Name: Diamond grinding shoes for ESD grinders
Product Name: Diamond grinding segments
From Country: Romania From Country: France
Dear Alvin,
We have stoc from our old supplier but we tried all your tools. They look really great and our first impression is that your tools are perfect. We will see what will happened on long run but as I see your tools they are great.
We will look also to some other products from your range and we will prepare another little order this days.
technically all the tools look great
Thank you,
Hello Miley,
Sorry for late, your segments are good! I'm going to make bank transfer
Best regards,
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Feedback of Klindex diamond grinding plate - Serbia
Product Name: 240mm Klindex grinding ring with PCD and arrow segment
Product Name: HTC diamond grinding shoes for concrete
From Country: Serbia
From Country: Chile
we test your tools
it's very good quality
Thank you
With 8 pcs PCD price is usd XXX/pc
Hello Miley,
Yes, sorry for the delay.
please send them to SHANGHAI.
The products have a very nice presentation. thank you.
Stay tuned to your comments.
Product Name: HTC diamond grinding disc for concrete
Product Name: 16# Redi-lock diamond grinding shoes
From Country: Norway
From Country: Australia
I mean that if you change to very soft bond, tool lifespan is lower
Custmer was satisfied with 13mm tool. He made 550 mm2 and use only 2.5-3mm of tools. Good work on this one.
But about price on 16/20 grit I remember that you told me that price is a higher.
Hi Fifi, Just Letting you know that I recently tried your 16 grit soft bond Redilock grinding shoes.I am very happy with the results and they lasted a long time before wearing downThe last soft bond that I used wore down very quickly.This new shipment is a big improvement on the last product.Regard XXXXXXXXXXX Australia.
Feedback of HTC diamond grinding shoes - United Kingdom
Product Name: HTC diamond grinding shoes for concrete
Product Name: SYF-B02 HTC diamond grinding plate
From Country: United Kingdom
From Country: New Zealand
Hi Fifi,
Long time, I hope you are well
When we meet in Verona I highlighted idea of manufacturing products for us on bigger scale.
You are Great manufacturer and since we try few companies for China you have been best of all starting from customer service and products you deliver to us.
We become a loyal client, since then we order most of our grinding tools from You and we never get disappointed. You show us trust when we accidentally overpay and you pointed that out, you show us quality of service when we pointed HTC fittings was not correctly shaped and you make them better, and when we order grinding disc form measurements and you deliver high spec products.

Trust, Loyalty and Quality are good start for relationship that last.

As you know we have two companies and United Kingdom those companies working across Europe too what is great background for new adventure planned from long time.

We tested the #16-20 grit diamond tools, and they work excellent!!
I would like to order some more tools, 6×12 pieces=72 pieces more (SYF-B02 shape)
Could you please send me a proforma invoice, so I can pay it in advance, Thank You!
Best wishies,
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feedback of diamond floor grinding shoes - Australia
Product Name: 30# diamond grinding shoes for concrete
Product Name: HTC diamond grinding shoes for concrete
From Country: Australia
From Country: Belgium
Hello, how are you? yes those items arrived yesterday and I used one set 30# it was very good. and I will use the rest tomorrow as well.Your work and delivery was very fast and unbelievable Dear Fifi,Lifetime of the diamonds are very good.
but it is very important to take the right diamond tools and grit.
If you have the right diamond and grit forthat partially kind of concrete you can do the same square meters our more than the well known brands.
We are very satisfy of the quality of your diamonds.
Most of the time we grinding white 3 diamonds on a grinding plate. But some times 6 it depends of the concrete floor.
One head have 4 grinding plates and 3 heads on the machines.
How many meters you can do white one set it depends of.
Like I told before, your diamond have the same our longer lifetime than the well known brands.
So I would look to them and use the lifetime they use.
Good luck on the fair in Las Vegas.
Feedback of 240mm Klindex grinding ring - Panama
Product Name: 240mm Klindex grinding ring with PCD and arrow segment
Product Name: Soft Bond Lavina Grinding Segment
From Country: Panama
From Country: Australia
I am satisfied with the quality of the product, I can safely say that they work better than the originals.
Fifi,They look awesome. The payment will be made today.The trial of the Lavina soft seg went very well. Thank you.Regards
Feedback of Stair Type Lavina Grinding Shoes - Russia
Product Name: Stair Type Lavina Diamond Grinding Segment
Product Name: HTC grinding shoes, diamond cup wheel and concrete polishing pads
From Country: Russia
From Country: United States
Привет. Уже пробуем ваш инструмент.
Отлично срезает бугры
Hello Alvin,I'd like to follow up. I apologize for my absence have been busy with alternate ventures.
However, I am looking to source different items.
Currently working with my team to create a spreadsheet. We would like to place another sample orders.
We are changing from our current supplier and the intial sample order you provide worded perfect and seem to be great quality.
For that I thank you.
Expect a follow up with a request for quotation in the coming days...
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Feedback of zigzag husqvarna redilock concrete grinding shoes
Product Name: Super soft bond diamond grinding shoes
Product Name: Zigzag husqvarna redi-lock concrete grinding shoes
From Country: Australia
From Country: America
Diamonds very good I might get some harder bonds soon Customer: Do you recommend that we use those diamonds for a longer period of time? If so, for how long?Miley: It depends on working time. You also buy this type. Can you try?
Customer: I already didi. They worked well.
feedback of diamond tools - Miley
Product Name: Diamond grinding tools for concrete floor

From Country: Canada

Hi Miley,

We tested all the diamond tools and we are very happy with the quality and results we achieved.
Very soon I will place another order.

Kind regards,

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