With the demand of texture of stone and design, grooved finish becomes more and more widely used tools on stone surface. OUR SCRATCHING ROLLER series is specifically designed to be used for 1-10mm fine grooved finish on marble, limestone and granite. It is normally used on infrared bridge cutter or banner tile cutter. We generally make specific roller for different requirement, different diameter, working length, central hole, gap of groove. Each item would be made by craftsman spirit and love.

scratching finish scratching texture grooved finish

PCD is kind of polycrystalline diamond, and all four angles could be used. Sharpness and lifespan are much more better compares to normal carbide material. It takes great extraordinary working efficiency and cost.

Before using the scratching roller, make sure the bogie is fine leveling, especially when you process huge slab. A tiny difference of leveling could make a huge mistake. If you are new for this stuff, we will freely provide all the parameter you would need to reach your finish.

Scratching roller scratching tools

We do a very strict quality control before sending the roller to make sure the roller is workable and safe. Here below the Quality Control list which we would do.

●ALL the PCD segment must form same batch and qualified rate should be more than 99%.

●Concentricity check for steel core.

●Stiffness test for steel core.

●Stiffness test for segment holder

●Installation check, including direction of PCD segment and whether the screw tight enough.

●Noise check (for low noise type)

●Accessory list.

Our service

●Free sampling

●2-Year warranty

●One-stop shop for accessory

●One-stop processing support


Besides that, our company knows little about other special surface texture. Our SCRATCHER series for adze finish, TIRAA series for random-arc finish, KKOMA series for comma or scarification finish, etc.

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