Products Today – Lavina Diamond Grinding Shoes with 3 Round Diamond Segments

Lavina diamond grinding shoes with 3 round segments

Lavina Diamond Grinding Shoes

Lavina diamond grinding shoes are designed to be used on Lavina floor grinders, for grinding concrete floor and terrazzo floors.

The normal diamond segment types of floor grinding tools are round, rectangle, and arrow. Different shape of diamond grinding segments is used for different applications.

  • 1. Round grinding segments are more used for medium grinding and polishing.
  • 2. Rectangle grinding segments are used for coarse grinding, medium grinding and polishing.
  • 3. Arrow grinding segments are mostly used for coarse grinding and floor coating removals.

Above is just the common concept of diamond grinding segment shapes. From the picture, we can see the diamond particularly clearly and can judge that these 3 round segments Lavina diamond grinding shoes are used for medium grinding. Sunny Superhard Tools provides various bond types of diamond grinding shoes for grinding different hardness of concrete. The excellent formula of "Soft Bond" has been proved by our customers.

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