how to make diamond segment?

 How to make diamond segment?

Diamond segment is the function part of the diamond tools of diamond saw blade, diamond grinding shoes, diamond core drill bits, etc.

How can we produce the diamond segment from zero? Let’s go!

Production flow of diamond segment

Step 1 – Preparing diamond particles and metal powder

diamond powder for diamond segment

From our last article of “what is a diamond segment make up of?”, we know that the diamond segment is make up of diamond particles and metal powder.

So, at first, we need to prepare these 2 parts. There are many different diamond formulas for different applications. That means, we need to prepare the “right” diamond particles and metal powders as the requirements.

As the start of making diamond segments, we should guarantee the “correction” of diamond particles and metal powders. For example, you can not use a marble segment formula if what you want to make is the granite segment.

Step 2 – Mixing the compound of diamond and metal powder

We need to mix the compound of dimaond and metal pwoder by the mixing machine. To get a full mixing, we mix the compound twice and the whole mixing time should last more than 2 hours.

Step 3 – Cold pressing of the diamond segment

Cold pressing is the process to transform the mixing powder to segment layers. It is made by automatic cold pressing machine. Different moulds of the cold pressing machine make different shape of segment layers(such as bar, arrow, button, etc). For cutting segments, we should make 3 different layers: the side layers, the middle layers and the transition layers. The side layers contain higher diamond concentration, the middle layers contain lower diamond concentration, while the transition layers contain no diamond particles.

Step 4 – Die-filling of the diamond segment

Die-filling is the process to set the cold-pressed segment layers to the corresponding mould, to make the preparation for hot pressing. The workers put the diamond segment layers into the mould by order. Then the mould is waiting for hot pressing.

Step 5 – Hot pressing of the diamond segment

Hot pressing is the process to make the diamond segment layers together as a whole solid, under the high pressure and high temperature. It is a very important step. Different pressures and temperatures make different qualities of diamond segment.

Step 6 – Breaking down the mould and taking the diamond segment

After the hot pressing, we need to cold the mould and then take the diamond segment out from the mould. The diamond segments have already been produced in this step.

Step 7 – Sand blasting of the diamond segment

sand blasting machine

This step is to clean the metal burr by sand blasting machine.

Step 8 – Inspection the diamond segment

When inspecting a diamond segment, the main indexes are the appearance, sizes and weight.

Step 9 – Packing of the diamond segment

Packing of Sunny diamond segment

Sunny Diamond Tools has different packing methods for our customers.

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